Re: Security

Fabio Augusto (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 16:18:06 -0400

At 09:04 26/11/97 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>Presumably..yes..but the person wanting to eaves drop would have to:
>1) Have access to ...
>2) Have a program written that filters ...
>3) Have a program that allows ...
>4) Have a program that takes ...
>5) Have a program that actually displays ...

In few words: the REAL possibility that some hacker is spying CU vid
through net is almost the same for being killed by a meteorite (2 or 3
known cases in 200 years)...

There is a lot of fantasy and misunderstanding about net security.
Although a 100 % safe system doesn't exist, data communication through net
is, as general rule, much more safer than which can be done in other
systems (phone, snail mail, CB radio ...) - if one is afraid of someone
looking at his vid, he firstly should check the keyholes of her room's
doors (the technology to peek through them has been in use for a long, long
time and it's very reliable !!!).