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Jason Williams (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 14:06:15 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Eric Ochoa [NOL Staff] wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Jason Williams wrote:
> > ..and now you have a whole host of new problems :)
> Aww, thats a little harsh don't you think?

Nope..that's a fair and accurate statement as far I'm concerned...I've
answered a lot of questions about White Pine's version...usually pointing
them towards the Cornell version fixes a lot of the problems :)
Everything from "What's up with this cheesy interface?" to "I can't get
anyone's video to display" to "Why is it it SOOO SLOOOWWWW?"

At least the slowness problem has been fixed in I'm personally
having problems trying to get 3.1 to display White Pine color vids. It
just sits there and hangs with "opening vid". Another codec problem I
imagine. I also can't get ANY audio to work with the 3.1 version (or
2.1.2 for that matter) after I installed DirectX 5 for iVisit. I've tried
disabling all the dll's used for DirectX and still nothing. My email to
White Pine about audio problems went unanswered. (sent to the beta list). on the Cornell version works flawlessly...I was hoping to try
out the new 6.4kbps G.723 codecs with 3.1...but it looks like that's
pretty much out for now. I've met up with others that have had massive
audio problems (but only with CU) after installing DirectX as well. So
I'm not alone.

> > I agree that 0.84b7 was in its infancy...but 0.92b2 still blows away any
> > White Pine version in my opinion.
> That would be a very accurate statement if the world's population only
> used $89 black and white quick cams, but some of us primates are starting
> to get a little bored with black and white images... we're not dogs you
> know :)

Keep in mind Eric, not everyone has ISDN like you :)
multiple color vids still doesn't work very well on even if you
do have color, why limit who can see you to only those with the latest and
greatest (and buggy) White Pine version?

And from what I've seen, the majority of the world's population DOES use
$89 B&W quickcams. This will probably change to $100 color quickcams, but
I don't see everyone running out and buying a Winnov capture card.

And again..your statement implies that people want the White Pine version
for color. That's the main advantage I see that White Pine has over the
Cornell version. I've heard a color freeware version is being worked on
(rumors..but it's definitely possible). So the question is...if you could
get a freeware version of CU that supports color, would you still be using
the White Pine version? 99% of the people I know (B&W and Color user)
would gladly switch off of White Pine's Enhanced CU if there was an
alternative that supported color. Time will tell <grin>

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