G3 Macs are duds for CU-SeeMe

Eric M. Westby (ewestby@tiac.net)
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 17:49:25 -0500

Well, I've unfortunately had to answer my own question, since I seem to be
the only person on the list with a G3 Mac -- the answer is, *no*, they
don't work with either version of CU-SeeMe. :^(

I'm hopeful that White Pine will remedy the situation with the upcoming
v.3.1 ... does anyone know of an e-mail address at which they might take
suggestions for the program? The website seems intent on not letting anyone
find "support" for their new beta, but surely they'd like a few

Or is there, by some miracle, anyone working for White Pine who receives
this list?

Happy Thanksgiving,

Eric M. Westby ewestby@tiac.net Boston, Massachusetts