re: G3 Macs are duds for CU-SeeMe

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 08:05:20 -0500


From: "Eric M. Westby" <>
Subject: G3 Macs are duds for CU-SeeMe

> Well, I've unfortunately had to answer my own question, since I seem to be
> the only person on the list with a G3 Mac -- the answer is, *no*, they
> don't work with either version of CU-SeeMe. :^(

just curious, when u say cuseeme doesnt work with ur g3 mac, do u mean it
gives an error when u run it, refuses to run, ....

if u have not already done so here r a few things u might wish to try b4
giving up with the cornell version (i dont know much about the white pine

deleting ur cuseeme preferences, upgrading ur quicktime to 3.0.

a link for the quicktime 3.0 url is at:


Mark Andrew Nassy, <>