re: Mac 0.87b3 with PPC 8600/250?

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 08:11:40 -0500


From: Will Harris <>
Subject: Mac 0.87b3 with PPC 8600/250?

> I've just upgraded my Mac to an 8600/250 and Cu-SeeMe .87b3 doesn't recognise
> the built-in digitiser. The latest version from White Pine works well, but I
> don't feel like buying it ;-) Any ideas?

cuseeme 0.87b3 for the mac works on the 8600/250 with virtual memory on and
with the built in digitiser.

if u r having trouble getting it to work with the built in digitiser trash
ur cuseeme preferences then run cuseeme. if that fails to work then trash
ur cuseeme preferences, quicktime preferences, restart ur computer, then
run cuseeme.

hope this helps u.


Mark Andrew Nassy, <>