Re: G3 Macs are duds for CU-SeeMe

David (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 10:27:30 -0600

> From: "Eric M. Westby" <>
> > Well, I've unfortunately had to answer my own question, since I seem
> to be
> > the only person on the list with a G3 Mac -- the answer is, *no*,
> they
> > don't work with either version of CU-SeeMe. :^(

(decloaking from list lurking mode...)Eric,

It must be nice to be rich and be able to afford a G3 Macintosh. I still
have 68040 Mac, which works perfectly fine with the cornell "beta"
software. Of course it does choke on every version of WPware. You
didn't just start buying Macintosh now, I'd guess, so why not just use
the previously used one? I'm sure that one worked fine, you just wanted
the newest and fastest thing out. Good for you. How about sending me
your "old, slow, run down, tired, and beat up PowerMac? I promise to
give it a loving and caring home. ;-)

(recloaking back to list lurking mode...)