re: G3 Macs are duds for CU-SeeMe

Eric M. Westby (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 11:12:48 -0500

>> Well, I've unfortunately had to answer my own question, since I seem to be
>> the only person on the list with a G3 Mac -- the answer is, *no*, they
>> don't work with either version of CU-SeeMe. :^(
>just curious, when u say cuseeme doesnt work with ur g3 mac, do u mean it
>gives an error when u run it, refuses to run, ....

The Cornell version ignores the G3's built-in AV digitizer, while the White
Pine preview version (the only version of theirs compatible with MacOS 8,
sadly) tends to crash whenever first accessing the video window, e.g., to
configure it. And even if one bypasses the configuration window, the video
window remains black.

>if u have not already done so here r a few things u might wish to try b4
>giving up with the cornell version (i dont know much about the white pine
>deleting ur cuseeme preferences, upgrading ur quicktime to 3.0.

Thanks for the suggestions. Deleting the prefs had no effect -- and I
admit, I'm reluctant to switch to QT 3.0b quite yet ... I haven't heard any
reports that it's completely stable. Are you using it? I suppose it'll be
out in final form soon enough.... :^)


Eric M. Westby Boston, Massachusetts