Re: Mac 0.87b3 with PPC 8600/250?

Will Harris (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 17:43:55 +0100

> > I've just upgraded my Mac to an 8600/250 and Cu-SeeMe .87b3 doesn't recognise
> > the built-in digitiser. The latest version from White Pine works well, but I
> > don't feel like buying it ;-) Any ideas?
> cuseeme 0.87b3 for the mac works on the 8600/250 with virtual memory on and
> with the built in digitiser.
> if u r having trouble getting it to work with the built in digitiser trash
> ur cuseeme preferences then run cuseeme. if that fails to work then trash
> ur cuseeme preferences, quicktime preferences, restart ur computer, then
> run cuseeme.

Well, I've done all this and it still don't work. Virtual memory is on, and
I've deleted the prefs/restarted on numerous occasions. I'm using OS 8.0, with
QuickTime 2.5 (the latest release, afaik). Any other thoughts?

Cheers - Will

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