Re: G3 Macs are duds for CU-SeeMe

Bill Ryan (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 19:00:35 -0500

Yes, we monitor this list.
No, we don't respond to every Tom, Dick and Harriot who has an opinion on
what we should be doing.

Yes, we are aware of the G3 vDig problem.
Yes, we are working with Apple engineering to resolve them.


>Well, I've unfortunately had to answer my own question, since I seem to be
>the only person on the list with a G3 Mac -- the answer is, *no*, they
>don't work with either version of CU-SeeMe. :^(
>I'm hopeful that White Pine will remedy the situation with the upcoming
>v.3.1 ... does anyone know of an e-mail address at which they might take
>suggestions for the program? The website seems intent on not letting anyone
>find "support" for their new beta, but surely they'd like a few
>Or is there, by some miracle, anyone working for White Pine who receives
>this list?
>Happy Thanksgiving,
>Eric M. Westby Boston, Massachusetts

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