Re: inverse video on first try...

David Lane (
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 12:21:33 +0000

In message <01bcf8ee$ebf15d60$>, Willie McKee
<> writes
>I have just installed the dowloaded version of cu-seeme for windows95.
>It nearly works, but while the preview window shows my smiling visage,
>the view window and the received window on the far system are both inverse (
>negative ).
>I've tried tweaking all the controls, with no effect. What am I doing wrong??
>Willie McKee

I think that I know this one! The Windows95 version only supports NTSC
not PAL - I am assuming that this is why also have negative video.
I have gone back to the 16 bit version with no problems except that I
don't get the smart new display of course. The PAL version is promised
in the future apparantly so thats something to look forward to for those
of us on this side of the Atlantic.