Need clues to chat bandwidth

Cameron Jones (
Sat, 29 Nov 1997 11:49:36 -0500

Is there a chat expert out there that can help me getting CU-SEEME
chat to work better?

I wamt to send mostly chat with an occasional video update. If I
set the CU-SEEME transmit or receive rates to a low value (for example: 5
kbits/sec), the chat lines don't get sent **even if I am not sending or
receiving video**.

It looks like CU-SEEME is determining that there cannot possibly be
enough bandwidth left over for chat because of the low bandwidth setting.
Of course, there is plenty of bandwidth left over since I am not sending or
receiving any video!!

In other words, is there a way to slow down the video settings, but
tell CU-SEEME to go ahead and send chat lines anyways???

Alternatively, is there a different chat-only application I can run
in parallel with CU-SEEME that might offer an alternative to the CU-SEEME

So close, yet so far away....


Cameron Jones