Re: CU-SeeMe doesn't support new Macs!?!?!

Ann Morrison Fisher (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 02:41:17 -0600

Hi All:

I've just picked up CUSeeMe from Cornell and copied it for my son and his
family. And you're saying it won't work for my Performa 6400 or their

Is the White Pine version the only alternative?


>> >I've just upgraded my Mac to an 8600/250 and Cu-SeeMe .87b3 doesn't
>> >the built-in digitiser. The latest version from White Pine works well,
>>but I
>> >don't feel like buying it ;-) Any ideas?
>> Unfortunately, it does appear that the freeware version only recognizes the
>> QuickCam and the old NuBus-based AV machines....
>> Consider yourself lucky you even *have* the White Pine version as an option
>> -- neither Cornell's nor White Pine's works at all with the brand new G3
>> Macs' built-in digitizer.... :^(
>Thanks for the answer. It would seem kind of strange that only nubus macs are
>supported, considering how long PCI macs have been around. Lack of G3 support
>is somewhat more understandable (doesn't help you though, right :-/)
>Any word when the current and newest generations of mac will be supported?
>Cheers - Will