Color Intel USB camera and CuSeeMe .92b2

Chris Harvey (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 11:44:27 -0800

I just purchased am Intel 'create and share' color camera and am trying to
use it, but I have a couple of problems which I'm sure have been ironed out
by other people before me.

1. Whenever I start it, it complains of 'unsupported video capture setting'.
2. Whenever I select 'preview' I see myself no problem, but whenever my
window pops up, all I get is a white screen.

My suspicion is the camera is color, and perhaps this software only
supports black and white? Any ideas? If this is the case, can anyone tell
me how to either support color or temporarily make it black & white until
this software supports it?

Any other suggestions would be welcome on how to set this up so I could use
the shareware software.


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