CU-SeeMe Activity Utility

Sat, 1 Oct 1994 08:09:18 -0400

After a week of consideration, I have decided to start working on the
functional specifications of a CU-SeeMe Utility which does the

Scans a list of Reflectors and reports CU-SeeMe Activity

Specifically this program will connect to each reflector, determine
who is currently broadcasting audio and video, and who is just lurking
(no audio or video). After it's gone through the list of reflector
sites, it displays them on-screen so a user can decide where to
connect to in CU-SeeMe.

The initial version of the software will be for Windows, although I'm
planning to do a "proof of concept" version for SunOS.

But, before I start this project I was wondering if this is
functionality which is already planned to be in a future version of
CU-SeeMe. Also, if there are other related features people would like
to see now would be a good time to mention them.

I expect to commence our development activities by October 15, and I
would appreciate receiving input from active CU-SeeMe users. I will
report back from time to time our progress and will be looking for a
short list of alpha/beta testers when the time comes.


Jeff Pulver,