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Apple recognizes CU-SeeMe!

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> Apple Announces "Cool Tools" Awards for Internet Programming Efforts
> CUPERTINO, California-September 30, 1994-The Advanced Technology
> Group of Apple Computer, Inc. announced today that it has awarded
> eleven individuals and organizations with "Cool Tools" awards.
> This special award is designed to recognize programmers and their
> contributions of a wide variety of tools to allow Macintosh users
> to navigate the Internet.
> During the past several years, the Internet has evolved from a
> research and education-oriented network, once accessible only by
> researchers and scientists, into a worldwide network connecting
> more than 75 countries and millions of users in small businesses,
> libraries, schools, homes, and government offices.
> "Access to the Internet has been made simpler by the efforts of
> many programmers-many of them working with little monetary
> reward-to design and distribute a wide variety of tools to
> navigate the millions of files and thousands of networks that
> comprise the Internet," said Rick LeFaivre, vice president of
> Apple's Advanced Technology Group, the group within Apple
> chartered with driving long-term technology research and
> development advancements. "Through the creation of these 'Cool
> Tools' awards, our goal was to recognize the work of some of these
> unsung heroes who have made very significant contributions in
> making it easier to navigate the Internet."
> "Consistent with the charter of the Apple's Advanced Technology
> Group to develop new hardware and software technologies, we hope
> this recognition encourages the continued development and
> evolution of the wonderful resources available on the Internet,"
> LeFaivre added.
> In addition to a certificate of recognition, the Cool Tools
> awardees will receive an Apple Power Macintosh 7100 from Apple.
> The Macintosh Cool Tools Internet Award recipients and their
> projects are:
> -The Internet Society, Reston, Virginia, for its efforts to foster
> a global environment conducive to the easy exchange of information
> and the rapid development of standards and new software.
> Internet Society, 12020 Sunrise Valley Dr. Suite 270, Reston VA
> 22091 USA Telephone: (703) 648 9888 fax: (703) 648 9887 Email:
> -Steve Dorner of QUALCOMM Incorporated in San Diego, California,
> for Eudora, an electronic mail client for Internet users.
> Telephone (800) 2-EUDORA. Email:
> -Chuck Shotton, Houston, Texas, for MacHTTP, a World Wide Web
> server for the Macintosh. Telephone: (713) 794-5650. Email:
> -Peter Lewis, Perth, Western Australia, for FTPd, an anonymous
> file transfer server, and Anarchie, an FTP client to search for
> and retrieve public files on the Internet. Email:
> -University of Michigan -Weather Underground, University of
> Michigan, for Blue-Skies, a gopher client for browsing, viewing
> and reporting real time weather and environmental information in
> an interactive graphic and text format. Key contributors include
> students Alan Steremberg, Derek Price, Chris Schwerzler, and
> Michael Kamprath. The Weather Underground is directed by Prof.
> Perry Samson with technical direction from Jeff Ferguson.
> Telephone: (313) 936-0491.
> Email:
> -John Hardin of EINet, Austin, Texas, for MacWeb, a hypermedia
> World Wide Web client for the Macintosh. Telephone: ( 800) 844-
> 4638. Email:
> -National Center for Supercomputer Applications in Urbana,
> Illinois, for Mosaic for the Macintosh, the crossover application
> that has helped to spur interest in the Internet for many
> commercial and non-commerical users. Telephone: (217)244-3473.
> Email:
> -Aaron Giles of Cornell University Medical College, New York, New
> York, for JPEGView, a graphic utility that allows the user to view
> compressed images on the World Wide Web, Gopher or those retrieved
> from anonymous FTP servers on the Net. Telephone: (212) 410-2781.
> Email:
> -John Norstad of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, for
> Newswatcher, a Usenet new reader. Email:
> -Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, for CU-SeeMe, a
> conferencing tool that is being used by elementary schools,
> individuals, and other organizations around the world for low-cost
> video communications. Telephone: (607) 255-7566 Email:
> Files may be ftp'ed at in
> the /pub/video directory.
> -University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, for the TurboGopher
> client and GopherSurfer server. Internet Gopher is a distributed
> system for campus and world information which includes local
> information as well as links to other Gopher servers. Telephone:
> (612) 625 1300. Fax: (612) 625 6817.
> All of these programs above began as free software or shareware,
> although some have become ommercial products.
> Apple commissioned a panel of Apple employees to seek out and
> critique currently available tools for Macintosh on the Internet,
> to determine awardees. Programmers who would like more information
> about Apple and the Internet may contact Steve Cisler at
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> use personal computers, servers, peripherals, software, online
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> Cupertino, California, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) develops, manufactures,
> licenses and markets products, technologies and services for the
> business, education, consumer, scientific & engineering and
> government markets in over 140 countries.
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