CU-SeeMe Activity Utility (fwd) -- some concerns

Dan Updegrove (
Sun, 2 Oct 1994 22:44:37 -0400

Regarding the proposal below, I have the following concerns:

* Some people connected to a reflector may object to having their activity
so widely advertised

* Some reflectors may be subject to non-trivial polling overhead

* Reflectors being used by a "modest" number of participants for "real work"
may be swamped by chanel surfers looking for an "interesting" site.

I'm not deeply opposed to this proposal -- in fact, I suspect I'd use it
during demos when our reflector is "boring" -- but it raises some issues
about the various ways CU-SeeMe is developing:
- One-to-one conferencing
- Private reflectors
- Public reflectors
- ...


> After a week of consideration, I have decided to start working on the
> functional specifications of a CU-SeeMe Utility which does the
> following:
> Scans a list of Reflectors and reports CU-SeeMe Activity
> Specifically this program will connect to each reflector, determine
> who is currently broadcasting audio and video, and who is just lurking
> (no audio or video). After it's gone through the list of reflector
> sites, it displays them on-screen so a user can decide where to
> connect to in CU-SeeMe.
> The initial version of the software will be for Windows, although I'm
> planning to do a "proof of concept" version for SunOS.
> But, before I start this project I was wondering if this is
> functionality which is already planned to be in a future version of
> CU-SeeMe. Also, if there are other related features people would like
> to see now would be a good time to mention them.
> I expect to commence our development activities by October 15, and I
> would appreciate receiving input from active CU-SeeMe users. I will
> report back from time to time our progress and will be looking for a
> short list of alpha/beta testers when the time comes.
> Regards,
> Jeff Pulver,

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