Re: CU-SeeMe Activity Utility

John S. Erickson (John.S.Erickson@Dartmouth.EDU)
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 08:35:57 -0400

--- Dan Updegrove was concerned about:

* Some people connected to a reflector may object to having their activity
so widely advertised

* Some reflectors may be subject to non-trivial polling overhead

* Reflectors being used by a "modest" number of participants for "real work"
may be swamped by chanel surfers looking for an "interesting" site.
--- end of quoted material ---

This has been a concern of ours at IML, in particular since our network (at
present) $uck$ up here. So our policy is to not have a "public" reflector ---
when people wish to do REAL (tm) Work, we release our IP address to them and
trust that they will not post it in a list. If we find it posted, we'll have
to monitor usage and see what happens...

We believe that CU-SeeMe is well beyond being a toy --- it is something that
we can count on if we need it, to do work. So we hold onto our IP identity
with that in mind.



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