New Reflector available version 2.40b1

John Lynn (
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 12:58:16 -0400

Cornell Reflector Version 2.40B1

This is a BETA version of the newest release of the CU-SeeMe
reflector program. It contains several bug fixes along with
some new features, including:

- a new configuration parameter, CAP which allows you
to limit the maximum transmission rate for participants
that connect to you reflector.

- a hold-down mechanism that gets employed when participants
either disconnect or time-out. Applying a hold-down to
disconnected participants, prevents the conference from
"thrashing" if that participant immediately returns. In
other words, there is a certain amount of work that occurs
amoung the CU-SeeMe applications and the reflector when a
new participant joins the conference. With the hold-down
mechanism, this overhead is minimized for participants that,
perhaps due to being on overly congested networks, keep timing
out and then reappearing.

- some changes to the format of the log file messages. The current
time is only logged every ten seconds instead of with each message
and the # of packets processed along with the network utilization
in kbits/sec is also logged every ten seconds.

The code can be access using anonymous ftp from

The code is in the directory pub/video/Reflector.

John Lynn