Re: Mac 0.70b11

Collins,Richard;ContStd; (
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 14:36:25 -0400

Our use of CUSeeme revolves around its ability to bring instructors
together with students. One on one it works great! Here's what I'd like
to see developed:

What about an adaptation that would see an instructor able to teach to
many students sitting behind individual computers (labs) but have a push
button that would notify the instructor of a student wishing to respond?
When the instructor double clicks on that name the reflector would notify
and send the image from that student only. This would preserve bandwidth
for the instructor's signal allowing it to run on less bandwidth.

This would also be useful for conference participation with a keynote
speaker kind of concept.

This would be mostly the addition of the notify button in CUSeeme and a
permit-to-send signal from the reflector.

Does it sound difficult?

This may be another proof that: "Ideas are cheap and hard work is rare".