WWW CU-SeeMe Home Page

Douglas Ellmore (dellmore@nas.edu)
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 16:28:23 -0400

I don't know if anyone has created a WWW Home Page for CU-SeeMe as yet, but
I would like to propose the creation of a WWW listing of CU-SeeMe reflector
sites and personal workstations. I am currently interested in compiling
this list for a graduate project I am doing at George Mason University. I
am working on a project to evaluate the feasibility of broadcasting TV
programming over the Internet. It is part of an analysis for a course I am
taking in the economics of telecommunications regulation, LRNG612. I may
also be doing something with another telecommunications class LRNG572 (url:
http://www.site.gmu.edu/~bcox/LRNG572/00LRNG572.html), as there is some
interest within the class to get a site going for the class.

I would be willing for the next few months creating and managing a WWW page
of reflector sites, links to versions of the CU-SeeMe software, information
on the email list, and any other relevant information about the products.

If you have a reflector or a workstation and want to get on this WWW list,
please let me know via email at dellmore@gmu.edu. In the subject line of
the message put "CU-LIST ME <IP address> <host name>". In the body of the
message I would like the following:

IP Address:
Host Name:
Reflector or Workstation:
Public or Private:
Number of Lurkers Supported on Reflector:
Connection Method to Internet (T1, ISDN, etc):

Host Administrator/Operator real name:
Host Administrator/Operator email address:

Host or Workstation Type:
Video Capture Method (AV Mac/Video Spigot/etc.):


Douglas Ellmore, Sr.
Manager, Internet and Multimedia Publishing
National Academy Press
url: http//www.nas.edu/

school: George Mason University