Chameleon and Dynamic IP

Jay Nelson (
Mon, 3 Oct 1994 23:27:29 -0400

Fellow List Members:

Though I'm familiar with "list" etiquette, I'm going to break one of the suggested conventions by
posting a question immediately even though I'm a brand new member of the list. For those who
have dealt with this question repeatedly, please forgive me.

I've run CUSEEME with Trumpet's Winsock with limited success but I know that there are
documented problems with using these two programs together. I mention this only to provide
background indicating that I'm somewhat familiar with setting up CUSEEME. My problem is
with Chameleon and what I think may be the dynamic IP addressing of my service provider. I
know that CUSEEME requires a machine name in the HOSTS file. When I used Trumpet, I
was able to log on, get my IP address, shell to DOS, edit the HOSTS file with the proper IP and
then actually close the Trumpet Winsock and reload it while still connected (via SLIP and 14.4
modem) . Winsock would then reload with the appropriate IP and read the HOSTS file. After
doing this, CUSEEME would work fine. If I didn't edit the HOSTS file and reload Winsock, I
would get the error "can't get hostname0" or something like that when firing up CUSEEME.
Now that I'm using Chameleon and dynamic IP addressing, I get that error message every time.
Even if I edit the HOSTS file after getting my assigned IP, I still get the "hostname0" error. I
hope that I just don't have something set up correctly because I have read in the readme file
with CUSEEME that it has been tested successfully with Chameleon. I don't know if my
problem is related to the fact that I can't close Winsock with Chameleon and reload it without
dropping carrier (or actually closing the connection) after editing the HOSTS file or if I'm simply
missing something in the setup.

I'm very frustrated with this and hope someone with experience with Chameleon, CUSEEME
and dynamic IP SLIPP or PPP sessions can advise me. I quit using Trumpet because of the
documented bugs when running CUSEEME. I'm hoping that my problem with Chameleon isn't
related to the dynamic IP addressing and is instead some dumb thing that I'm doing that can be
corrected. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Jay D. Nelson