Re: Mac 0.70b11

Dr. Cool (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 01:30:53 -0400

At 12:57 PM 10/3/94 -0400, John Lynn wrote:
>2. Allow incoming audio packets to continue to be processed even while
>the mouse is held down in the menus. For example, this allows incoming
>audio to continue to play out while you are looking through the list of
>participants in the Participants menu. Audio will continue to play out
>for 10 seconds at which point your connectiong will time-out in the reflector
>and it will stop sending you CUSM packets.
>John Lynn

First, let me point out that I know you guys at CU are keeping busy
programming this great program and I appreciate the hard work involved in
doing so (myself being a programmer as well). That said, here's a couple
of suggestions for the next time you're twiddling your thumbs wondering
what to add next. :)

Can you make it a little less menu-oriented, especially with regard to the
participants list and the connection sites? I'd much sooner see those in
windows where they're readily available (like Maven does with users, but
should also do with connection sites). Trying to go through the list of
reflectors in CU-SM via a sub-menu can be tricky and sometimes frustrating.

And one more question: how do you guys feel about taking suggestions for
new additions and features? I don't know what your programming schedule is
like, but if I imagine correctly, you're having a hard enough time dealing
with the current ideas you have and seeing new ones come up only makes it
more aggravating. Or it could be my imagination running wild.. :) You
tell me! Do you welcome new ideas, and if so, what are the odds of seeing
a valid idea becoming implemented?


- Aaron