Re: Mac 0.70b11

Richard Cogger (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 09:47:19 -0400

At 12:30 AM 10/4/94, Dr. Cool wrote:
>Can you make it a little less menu-oriented, especially with regard to the
>participants list and the connection sites? I'd much sooner see those in
>windows where they're readily available (like Maven does with users, but
>should also do with connection sites). Trying to go through the list of
>reflectors in CU-SM via a sub-menu can be tricky and sometimes frustrating.
Already partly done, due out with next major release, is a participant
list. In general, it will show participant name plus relevant portions of
the button bar that would be showing with a video window. Participants
will be listed only if they're not up in a window. We will retain the
participants menu, since it is so economical of screen real estate and lots
of conferences don't have heaps of participants.

On the whole subject of finding reflectors and folks and so on: we plan to
implement an extended reflector-networking system, such that a
reflector-net can support multiple conferences, individuals can "register"
with a reflector-net and be findable by (a subset of) anyone, appropriately
priveledged individuals can "create" conferences and manage membership,
etc. Don't look for it right away, but it is a relatively high priority.
We also plan to provide for mbone operation and inter-operation with the
mbone tools.

>And one more question: how do you guys feel about taking suggestions for
>new additions and features? I don't know what your programming schedule is
>like, but if I imagine correctly, you're having a hard enough time dealing
>with the current ideas you have and seeing new ones come up only makes it
>more aggravating. Or it could be my imagination running wild.. :) You
>tell me! Do you welcome new ideas, and if so, what are the odds of seeing
>a valid idea becoming implemented?

Yes, we welcome suggestions. Yes, we also have a pretty good list of
things in plan. But it always helps to hear what folks would like to see.

Cheers, -Dick