Re: Requesting Trumpet Help

James W. Howell (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 09:49:57 -0400

Hi all,
I think it is great that you all are willing to try out beta versions
of software. But remember, this is beta level software and may not always
work, or may break other things. I am using the Trumpet Winsock 1.0b20
myself and I haven't experienced any problems. But you never know, if you
are on the "bleeding edge", then you have to expect that you might get bit
and bleed.

At 08:13 AM 10/4/94 -0400, Sean Foderaro wrote:
>>>I need to know how to make Trumpet accept a server-created IP from a SLIP.
> I'd suggest that you get the latest version of Trumpet (1.0b20) from
> in the beta/winsock directory.
> There is a good explanation of the scripting process in the script.*
>files near the .zip file.
> I've got a hardwired ip address so I haven't had to deal with this

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