more questions

Sean Foderaro (jkf@frisky.Franz.COM)
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 11:22:02 -0400

I'm still looking for technical papers on cuseeme so if you have
any references please let me know. (I'm so desperate that I'm actually
reading the source code for the reflector, please take pity on me).

My top two questions:

[I'm using a pc running windows 3.1 with the trumpet winsock. I'm
sending and receiving. The net connection is 14.4k v.42bis modem].

1. Why when I disconnect from a reflector do I get connected back again
within a few seconds, so that the only effective way to disconnect is
to exit the program and wait about two minutes?

My guess is that my disconnect message isn't getting to the senders
and their subsequent packets are treated as connect requests by

2. If I connect to a reflector with only one other video sender,
and that video sender is sending a still picture (e.g. the
GlobalSchoolhouse) why does data continue to be transmitted to me
at a high rate?
I thought that cuseeme only transmitted the segments of the picture
that changed and I would thus expect the tranmission to go to near
zero when displaying a still picture.

-sean foderaro