Audio Problems with Mac 0.7b11

Stan Borinski (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 20:57:33 -0400

Today wasn't a good day for audio. I was on the Cornell reflector with
Global Schoolhouse, Tim from Oz, and others - and it only worked sporadically.
We then switched to my reflector, and we lost it totally. Tim claimed
sunspots ;), but I suspect there might be another problem. Tim was using
b10, while Yvonne and I were using b11. Tim appeared to have better audio
capabilities - he could hear people we couldn't, etc. Sorry I can't be
more exact with the description.

Also, I was wondering if CU-SeeMe could catch if a PowerMac is running in
millions of colors? To be fair, Apple's Video Monitor doesn't catch it
either, but if you happen to forget to switch it to a lower setting, you're
forced to reboot... at least the Quadra's used to tell you they couldn't
digitize (I thought the PowerMacs did the same). Off the top of my head, I
know a couple of games ;) and Speedometer do auto depth switching, could it
be added to the PowerMac version of CU-SeeMe?... at least a warning?

My system: 6100/60AV, 8MB RAM, System 7.1.2, CU-SeeMe 0.7b11
Yvonne's: Quadra 840AV... 0.7b11
Tim's: 7100?... 0.7b10

Going back to Cornell this weekend (bummer the game's at Hahvahd!).

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