Re: Audio Problems with Mac 0.7b11
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 11:03:58 -0400

>Today wasn't a good day for audio. I was on the Cornell reflector with
>Global Schoolhouse, Tim from Oz, and others - and it only worked sporadically.

When describing audio problems, it would be helpful to include more detail.
In particular, for problems receiving audio, please distinguish between:

1) I heard something but it was not intelligible
2) The person's speaker icon was lighting up, but I heard nothing
3) The person was talking to me, but the speaker icon wouldn't light up.

Whenever possible, it's also helpful to know: a) whether you could hear
other folks and b) whether other folks could hear the person speaking.

>Also, I was wondering if CU-SeeMe could catch if a PowerMac is running in
>millions of colors? To be fair, Apple's Video Monitor doesn't catch it

It wouldn't be hard to check the screen depth, but the problem is to decide
when a warning is necessary. E.g., on my 7100, I have to reboot if I have
the monitor set to Thousands, and there may conceivably be configurations
where you can digitize with the monitor set to Millions. I guess it
depends upon the size of the monitor and the amount of VRAM available. So,
the best way to determine whether digitizing is possible is to ask the
digitizer. The 68K-based AV's provide the correct answer, PowerMac's do
not. Hopefully, Apple will fix this in subsequent versions of the
QuickTime VDIG component for the PowerMac AV's.

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