Re: Audio Problems with Mac 0.7b11 and Cap Problems

Stephen A. Stiner (
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 13:45:27 -0400

>From: Yvonne Marie Andres <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>Subject: Re: Audio Problems with Mac 0.7b11 and Cap Problems
>Hi Tim,
>The audio WAS acting VERY weird on Tuesday. Unfortunately, it was hard to
>discern a pattern, except to say some of us could hear some of the
>participants and some of us could hear none of the participants.

I was running b11 for the first time last night and was connected to the
Cornell reflector. I didn't have time to participate, but I was lurking
while I was working. At first, Yvonne's audio was very clear. I could
understand every word she said, but then her audio became very choppy
(breaking up badly). So much that I had difficulty recognizing anything
she said. I updated CU-SeeMe on a friend's Macintosh this morning and
connected to the Cornell reflector, but no one was using audio and this Mac
was only capable of lurking, so I couldn't initiate an exchange of audio.


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