Re: Audio Problems with Mac 0.7b11

Don Rainwater (
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 15:29:12 -0400

I am also having audio problems. When I try push-to-talk (ptt), I get a
dialog box that says 'SPBOpenDevice Failed, err=-227' and a Quit Now
button. If I turn ptt off, I also get this error message (and then I have
to delete the prefs file to be able to start CUSeeMe again).

Deleting the prefs file doesn't help. I think someone else may have
mentioned deleting the DSP prefs file, but that doesn't help either.

I apologize if this error has already been covered. Last time I checked
sound (a couple of versions (b9?) ago - I've been listening to CDs lately),
it was working, so I haven't been following the threads here about sound

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Don Rainwater, Systems Manager/Postmaster                 Don.Rainwater@UC.Edu
Univ of Cincinnati Academic IT Services