system recommendations

jyeates (
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 09:32:17 -0400

g'day ...

i was speaking with a local club-owner last night who is attempting to create a
"multi-media raver's haven" and he wants me to work with him to provide computer
expertise and system support ...

when i mentioned this new technology called cu-seeme he immediately saw the same
potentials that i did and wants to possibly throw some $$$'s into getting soem
equipment at his site and potentially financing a machine for a reflector at the
server site i am building at home

what i need at thsi point are recommendations from those more deeply into the
cu-seeme tech than i am for:

* workstation hardware/software
- must be stable
- must be "off the shelf"
- must support the highest level of cu-seeme tech currently available
- my first call would be Mac equipment, but which machine and how to ideally
configure it.

* camera recomendations
- remote's inside several linked club's are potential possible
- anyone had any luck with linking video cam's and wireless transmission
for short distances (less than 200' from receiver units) ... and linking these
receivers into a cu-seeme enabled machine?

* server hardware/software
- i'm currently working in the NT camp for my WWW server development, but do not
want to host the reflector on the same machine, so all options are possible (i
already have a ethernet IP network in place and connect just about anything)
- major consideration, being able to control server so resources are allocated
preferentially to my "clients" (have been reading all i can get my hands on re:
the MBONE system)

. austin is getting to be a very interesting place to live and work