t-shirt on display

Joanne Callahan (jc46@cornell.edu)
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 10:57:31 -0400

Hi Everyone,

I've set up my camera to show a CU-SeeMe t-shirt on the Cornell reflector
( Unless I hear that I'm taking up space that others
would like to use more productively, I'll leave it up for today and
tomorrow. If you miss it, you can e-mail me (jc46@cornell.edu) and I'll
either display it on the reflector more days or we can connect individually
at my IP address ( Depends on the response.

The color showing is natural. The teal color is a little harder to see on
the reflector. In case you can't read it very well, the t-shirt says
"CU-SeeMe" on the top and on the bottom it says "Desktop VideoConferencing
from Cornell University". I have to admit, the t-shirts look nicer in
person (mostly due to poor camera lighting around my desk) but you'll get
an idea of what they're like.

Here's an order form. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.
Of course, you can always try and talk to me while I'm connected but I step
away from my desk from time to time.


Joanne Callahan, Administrative Assistant to Richard Cogger

CIT - Network Resources Phone: (607)255-0181 Fax:
Surge III, Rm 150, Judd Falls Road
Ithaca, New York 14853-1044

>Now. Fabulous T-shirts with the CU-SeeMe logo prominently displayed on the
>front of the shirt in full color are available from Cornell. (You can see the
>idea in full color if you ftp to gated.cornell.edu and select the logo (a GIF
> For those of you not able to do this a verbal description follows-
> The faces on the logo appear in two colors on a square black field
>with CU-SeeMe Desktop Videoconferencing from Cornell University in "Cornell
>Red". T-shirts come in natural and green.
>To order your CU-SeeMe T-Shirt from Cornell University please fill out this
>order form and send with a check for the total cost to Cornell University.
>Shirt orders are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Sorry, we cannot
>accept cash payments at this time.
> COLOR: Green or Natural / SIZE: Large or X-Large / OUANTITY
>1.COLOR______________________ SIZE____________________________________________
>2.COLOR______________________ SIZE____________________________________________
>3.COLOR______________________ SIZE____________________________________________
>4.COLOR______________________ SIZE_____________________________________________
> COST PER SHIRT $ 14.00
> Total shirts ordered x
> ____________________________
> Check Total $
>City_____________________________ State_____Zip________
> YES. I have enclosed my check made out to Cornell University .
> Send checks and CU-SeeMe T-Shirt orders to: Cornell Information Technologies,
>Network Resources , Surge III, Room 150, Judd Falls Road, Ithaca, New York
>14853-1044. Allow 2 weeks from email confirmation for delivery.
> Thank you for your order.