Max Cap Problem

Jeff Luck (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 09:41:51 -0400

I'm using the latest Mac-PPC version of CU-SeeMe (0.7b11) and am having a
problem with the maximum cap. We're just using it locally within our network
and would like to put the cap at about 180-200kps for demonstration purposes
(and to make the case for a network upgrade). When I switch it to 200 on the
client, however, the maximum cap displayed below the screen starts at 200 then
quickly stomps-down to 30-45 range. As a result, the frame rate is seriously
degraded. This is a PowerMac 7100AV.

Am I missing a configuration parameter here? I'm using an older version of the
Reflector software (2.30b1) but I didn't have this problem with previous
versions of the client software. I realize that a max cap parameter was added
to later Reflector software but I didn't think there was a change to the

Thanks for any help.

Jeff Luck
Continuing & Distance Education
Penn State University