Cheapest Video board for the PC?

Robert D. Beal (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 12:35:31 -0400

Well, I'm hooked! I've only been lurking for a few days now and I've
already decided that this is the coolest thing going. I think I have just
about every thing I need to participate (a fast PC, a fast Internet
connection, a Video camera) all I'm missing is a video capture board. I
realize the Windows Help file specifically mentions two capture boards (both
sold by Creative Labs) but flipping through PC Magazine I notice that one of
the Editor's Choice video capture boards (MediaVision Pro MovieStudio) from
the April 26th issue was being sold by Midwest Computer Works for $189.
This seemed amazingly cheap to me (especially for an editor's choice board)
so I called to verify the price, and sure enough, it's $189. I also called
MediaVision to make sure it would support the 8 bit palletized format and
Video for Windows, and they said it did. So, I have two questions,

1. Will this board REALLY work with CU-SeeMe, or do I need to get one of
the Creative Labs boards? (when the help file mentioned that the Intel
Indeo didn't work, it made me a little nervous)

2. Is this the cheapest video capture board for the PC that will work with

Thanks for any help.

Oh, one more thing, if this has been discussed before, I apologize for
bringing it up again. I'm new to all of this.


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