Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 211

roberson keith (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 19:10:37 -0400

howdy folks...
I'm a grad student in the Imaging and Digital Arts program at
Univ of Maryland Baltimore County.

I've been playing with lots of interactive gadgets..and of course this
one is one of the best!

Hopefully, within the next month I'll have some kind of internet
event...involving CU SeeMe and a transmitter/camera....
i.e yall can watch me tromp around school all day...
meaning..hhmmmm something about me being a net slave...
gathering information for the "network organism"...
so..very soon I'll post a time range everybody can tune in and see what
graad school is like here.
and record you peoples responses on video for later editing and rebroadcast..

Question--> has some interesting things been done along the lines of live
performance,etc,etc...and does anyone have objections to the use of this
site for my I need to ask first? should I leave you alone
and just start my own reflector for this?

any comments would be helpful!
Keith Roberson \
Graduate Researcher, Visual Arts, UMBC \ we are all just mindless voice:{410}525-2172 \ worker drones for the \ network organism, ding!