Cu-SEEME W0.34b4, ATI mach64 and ProMovie Studio

Ming-Shiou Mitchell Kuo, IUIST, 857-0638 (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 23:44:00 -0400

Hi there;
I am new in using Cu-seeme. The problem I've encountered is that there is
only gray and white, 2 color in my cuseeme window. I have tried to set my
video mode in windows and capture mode in capture card to 256 color and 160*120
but without any success. Only fuzzy gray-white shadows.
I am using Pentium-66 with 16MB RAM, ATI mach64 GPT 4MB VRAM PCI video card,
MediaVision ProMovie Studio capture card which support Microsoft Video for
Windows. Any suggestion will be very appreciated. Thanks guys.
(I do delete the msvideo.dll in Cuseeme directory and keep the one installed in
windows, still no help.)
The CuSeeme Macintosh version works great on my friend's Mac...:<