Message box option?

shawn mikiten (
Sun, 9 Oct 1994 01:01:06 -0400

Message box option?
Hi, I tried out CU-SeeMe on my Quadra 840av system 3 days ago and was very
pleased how easy it was to install, set up the camera, and run CU-SeeMe without
a hitch. Have managed to converse with several sites using the message
feature. I am hearing impaired and use a TDD (Telecommunications Device for
the Deaf) to communicate by phone but this CU-SeeMe blew me away being able to
do video conferencing and messaging at virtually no cost!

I have a proposal for you to consider. While the message feature is good and
well, it really doesnt belong in the video as it degrades the frame rate and
transmission rates. I propose that a button be added for attaching a text box
below the video similar to what Cu-SeeMe does for setting transmission rates.
This text box would be invisible unless others want to use it also to speed up
text transmission of lengthy messages or even single pages of text be
transmitted to multiple parties. Hell, I think transmitting a small graphics
image could be possible? Doing a drag and drop on the macintosh would really
be powerful!!

Doing text transmission would benefit businesses looking at a proposed contract
or even a long-distance teaching class could use this. For the graphics part,
making small sketches and sending them is better than doing a lot of arm waving
and talking gibberish to convey an idea.

Drop me a note on what you think.

Keep up the good work!


Shawn Mikiten
Biomedical Imaging Analyst
Research Imaging Center
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio