Re: I'm having trouble with CU-SeeMe for MS Windows

Glen.D.Ebbage (gde@ncc01.ho.BoM.GOV.AU)
Sun, 9 Oct 1994 19:08:32 -0400

I had the same problems and thankfully no longer. The basic problem
is your transfer rate (ie Kilobytes/sec) under winsock is too low.
I was running a 386s40, dos 6.2, wif4wg 3.11 and pc-nfs. PC-NFS in case
you dont know is an NFS and TCP/IP package for PC's and it comes with
its own winsock interface. This native winsock interface is much too
slow in transfering the data for CU-SeeMe to work. I am now running
two tcp/ip stacks, one for pc-nfs and the other for Trumpet winsock
I could not get rates above 20Kb/sec with it but now get 150-200. I
can give you the details if you like to e-mail me directly.

cheers, (0 0)

Glen.D.Ebbage. Technical Officer Gr3.

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