Raymond Crane (rcrane@mtu.edu)
Tue, 11 Oct 1994 00:24:15 -0400

I have the problem narrowed down. It seems the problem is when it is being
converted from MacBinary. If I set Fetch to not recognize MacBinary it will
FTP it just fine but of course the file I have now is of no use because it
is not an executable. I attempted to run it through Apple File Exchange to
convert from MacBinary but when it gets like 75% done it pukes and gives me
the same error message that I got before when trying to Fetch it.

So, it definately seems to be a problem with converting from MacBinary. I
wish I could quote the actual error, but I cannot. What I can remember is
something like "Gatekeeper has vetoed an attempt by <application name here,
ie Fetch 2.1.2> to ....blah blah.... " basicaly looks like it won't let it
set the file to the type application or something.

I know very little about Macintoshes since I almost always use DOS/Windows
or Unix. Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and its no longer important that I have this tonight because the lab
has closed.

Ray Crane / rcrane@mtu.edu 

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