Fancy a CU-SeeMe design challenge?

Alan Leavy (
Tue, 11 Oct 1994 09:16:50 -0400

Loughborough College of Art & Design and Loughborough University of
Technology are hosting a prestigious day of lectures and a presentation of
work by the staff and students of the two institutes. The two institutesare
situated in one of the largest and most attractive campuses in England.
They are recognised for excellence in the areas of design and technology
and are positioned at the heart of the British Midlands. We are looking for
collaborators that are prepared to undertake a little experiment with the
CU-SeeMe programme developed by Cornell University.
This programme - which is available via anonymous ftp from a variety of
sites - allows monotone images and sound to be transmitted and received
from workstations that have AV facilities.

The brief.
Using CU-SeeMe, produce a series of transmittable images that are related
to the following.
Connections (this is the theme of the lectures)
Colour (yes I know that CU-SeeMe only works in black and white!)
Drawing and/or animation

Or any theme that stretches the use of CU-SeeMe.
For your information, one of the guest speakers is Olivero Toscani who is
the Art Director of Benneton. Benneton are famous over here for their
thought-provoking advertisements that feature images of new-born babies and
aids patients using the catchphrase - 'The United Colours of Benneton'.

The lectures are on the 7th November and participants would need to be able
to collaborate with us maybe once or twice during the period of 10pm - 5pm
GMT. We benefit from a 10meg bandwidth so if you would like to use sound it
present no problems. Anybody can take part, and we would welcome
contributions from any individual or groups within schools colleges and

If you would like to take part in the project - maybe have a bit of fun -
then contact me via email and we can discuss it.

Alan Leavy
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