Tue, 11 Oct 1994 16:47:41 -0400

This may be a recent FAQ but I haven't seen anything to help me

I am currently trying to use CU-Seeme with tia. Tia is the internet adapter
It is a psuedo slip program that runs in a shell account. Effectively I dial
in to my unix shell and type tia. The I run winsock locally (it is used for
any Host that does slip). I can do most internet things at that time
(Mosaic, news, ftp, telnet, archie, etc.). However there are somethings
that I know I won;t be able to do. Typically these are things that require
an IP address. Tia cheats on that. I use, currently which I
beleive is a test address.

When I try to attch to any reflector I get a no response message. I don't
know if this is because the reflectors are off or if the reflector is trying to
talk to me via an IP#. IF there is a guaranteed to work (TM) reflector then
I would like to know it's IP number and test it. If tia cannot be used with
CU-Seeme then it should be put into the FAQ, since a lot of people are
starting to use it, and CU-Seeme is a likely avenue to explore.

If you have question pertaining tia please email me directly since this list
is not for tia.

Thanks for your time, and apologies if the formating is off. I am using
some windows thing, and I am addicted to vi....