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Tue, 11 Oct 1994 22:47:37 -0400

At 04:47 PM 11/10/1994 -0400, wrote:

>I am currently trying to use CU-Seeme with tia.

>When I try to attch to any reflector I get a no response message.

CU-SeeMe uses the UDP protocol.
TIA _should_ support UDP and consequently CU-SeeMe but it does not.
I find that any UDP application such as archie does not work with TIA (well
.. I have had archie work say one time in forty, CU-SeeMe _never_).

The TIA people are working on this apparently.

That CU-SeeMe does not work with TIA is mentioned in the TIA FAQ.

It will be great when (and if) CU-SeeMe does work with TIA.

Geoff R.

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