Re: QuickCam ??

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 00:51:16 -0400

At 13:46 10/11/94, Patrick H. wrote:
>I was flipping through the pages of vol. 44 of MacMall and I came across an
>Ad for a QuickCam at $104.99. It is a 16-level gray-scale video with
>resolutions at 120-by-160 pixels at a speed of 15fps. It has a built in
>microphone and attaches to your serial port. I do not think that this work
>with Cu-SeeMe, though I would be interested in knowing whether if in future
>it could be used for VideoConferencing seeing that it is so cheep and does
>not requier any spigot type of board.

Hello Patrick. You must be a newcomer here, as we recently covered this
question. The Connectix QuickCam (which you can order for less than $100
from mail-order houses) has not yet recieved FCC approval, and isn't
therefore available for use. The CU-SeeMe development team hasn't gotten
their hands on a QuickCam yet, but a friend of mine at Connectix has put
them on the short list to get one. We're hoping that because of this we
can enjoy the camera, when released, with CU-SeeMe. Some of us ordered our
cameras many weeks ago :-)

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