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At 9:27 am 10/10/94 -0400, Andrew Brennan, Programming Bween wrote:
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> about to drop those cameras into the market. The list has exploded as
> of late and it's often more convenient to read USENET news than mail
> bombardment.

I seem to remember a little discussion on the idea of a usenet group
before. The concerns raised were to do with regulating (bad word but we
need to think about it) bandwidth usage of the Internet by users who,
perhaps, don't quite grasp the effects of what they might be doing to a
shared medium. I know this issue has also been raised in the MBONE groups
for similar reasons. A usenet group would probably increase 'publicity' and
hence usage.... However given the growing media coverage of CU-SeeMe, the
'cat' may well be 'out of the bag' in a big way now anyway.

So, yes, I'm in favour of usenet groups taking over the traffic on this
list but I think we might have to think very hard about how to encourage
users not to abuse the internet with what is an extremely useful (and also
fun) tool.

what does everyone else think? There seems to be little discussion of this
at present.


PS. Here's a for-example of the sort of problem I mean: a while ago I was
contacted by a friend who works for an organisation who have offices in
London, and in Hong Kong. He wanted to know if there was any way to use the
internet for videoconferencing betwen the two (I think each office has a
permanent ip link but there is no leased line between the two). Well, we
all know that there is, but I suspected that they would not be too
concerned about the effect they might have, and were more interested in
saving themselves the cost of buying a video-conferencing service plus ISDN
or whatever from the relevant PTTs. So I feigned ignorance on the issue.
When more people get to know about CU-SeeME, I suspect that this will
happen more and more often.
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