Bandwidth issues ...

Andrew Brennan, Programming Bween (
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 07:40:25 -0400

> So, yes, I'm in favour of usenet groups taking over the traffic on this
> list but I think we might have to think very hard about how to encourage
> users not to abuse the internet with what is an extremely useful (and also
> fun) tool.
I was thinking I had hit a solution - build a cap into the reflectors
(there's one in there already, right?) and keep the reflector "network"
so that only "approved servers" are allowed to connect to the "ref net"
(similar to how IRC's server net exists).

Then, your London-Hong Kong illustration pointed out that there's going
to be MANY sites interested in simpler setups - and any cap built into
the reflector can easily be removed by a slightly industrious coder
(maybe even the guy who wrote Cantor & Siegel's Green Card SpamWare)...

This problem is going to be bigger and hairier than that thing in the
back of my fridge ...

andrew. (