"UCME: Private Reflector Dial Up Network"

Dan Updegrove (danu@dccs.upenn.edu)
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 07:41:40 -0400

CU-SeeMe Colleagues,

Any of you connected to our reflector on Monday may have noticed a still
screen advertising "UCME Private Reflector Dial Up Network - Dial ... for
free info."

We have called (a Philadelphia local number) and learned that this is
apparently a commercial venture, in which customers will pay a fixed fee
per month for a limited amount of time connected to a local reflector.
The "pitch" appears to be for video matchmaking, and the service appears
to be via local dial-up, not via the Internet.

This service is not affiliated with, or sanctioned by, the University of
Pennsylvania. Moreover, use of our network and Internet connection for
commercial purposes is not authorized, and we will alert the operator to
cease advertising on our reflector.

This had to happen eventually....


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