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Wed, 12 Oct 1994 09:27:02 -0400

At 12:07 pm 12/10/94 +0100, Chris Hand wrote:

[lots of interesting thigs]
>Trying to pretend that CUSeeMe doesn't exist is just silly. It's public
>domain. Pandora's box has been opened. Now we have to educate people
>about using networks responsibly, rather than trying to maintain some
>sort of exclusive elite. IMHO. :-)


Just one thought amongst many: - as and when Windows (via Chicago), Apple
Macs and commercial routers come with Multicast support (not too far off);
and CU-SeeMe is further developed to take advantage of this, presumably
this whole issue will merge into concerns of the MBONE community as a
whole, but with the additional headache of having a far wider potential
user base.

Chris may well be right to suggest that it could be an interface issue -
although the MBONE community has session managers etc, rogue users have
been known to cause chaos. Even so I would argue that guidance and
'education' rather than coercion must really be the best alternative. I
suppose the root of the problem is that in the Internet you don't always
get what you pay for - there is no way to buy your own bandwidth and have
it guaranteed...

The way forward is rather foggy...(a bit like today in the UK!)

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