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Chris Hand (
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 10:15:31 -0400

LUTCHI WWW Group (actually Ben) said:
> I seem to remember a little discussion on the idea of a usenet group
> before. The concerns raised were to do with regulating (bad word but we
> need to think about it) bandwidth usage of the Internet by users who,
> perhaps, don't quite grasp the effects of what they might be doing to a
> shared medium. I know this issue has also been raised in the MBONE groups
> for similar reasons. A usenet group would probably increase 'publicity' and
> hence usage.... However given the growing media coverage of CU-SeeMe, the
> 'cat' may well be 'out of the bag' in a big way now anyway.

I think there are two issues here (at least)

- If the software is capable of spamming the entire net, then the software
should make every effort to prevent this. Making it so that only expert
users can transmit over a certain bandwidth might be one way (probably not).

Consider it a user interface problem. CUSM as it stands is only a
building block, and when higher-level tools such as session managers and
meeting controllers come along, perhaps users willinteract with these
rather than via CUSM itself. This may afford further "guidance" for
less experienced users.

- If users who have insufficient bandwidth available start using CUSeeMe
and get bad results, then this will be DAMAGING for desktop V-C in the
medium term, since people will write it off as infeasible. The trouble
is that this stuff is really a little ahead of its time, and in many
parts of the world the infrastructure isn't really good enough yet.

The reflectors have recently been given a little bit of control over
what users so -- maybe this could evolve further. Certainly it would
be very unfortunate it CUSM did to the Internet what the earlier
networked versions of DOOM did to many corporate LANs. The software has to
take some of the responsibility.

Trying to pretend that CUSeeMe doesn't exist is just silly. It's public
domain. Pandora's box has been opened. Now we have to educate people
about using networks responsibly, rather than trying to maintain some
sort of exclusive elite. IMHO. :-)



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