miroVIDEO DC1 tv

julia shaffner (Julia.Shaffner@SURFnet.nl)
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 11:35:55 -0400

is anyone running cu-seeme for windows with a miroVIDEO DC1 tv
video capture board? i get a problem similar to what someone
once complained of when using an intel indio card, namely:
-an error box saying "unsupported function" appears twice, and
-there's only noise in the window where outgoing video should be.

does cu-seeme not support this card, like it doesn't support the
indio card? (the miroVIDEO DC1 tv does hardware JPEG compression.)
or is there anyone out there successfully running cu-seeme with
this card?


-julia shaffner (shaffner@surfnet.nl)