miroVIDEO DC1 tv card

Darko Bulat (darko.bulat@eiger.bbs.mail.si)
Wed, 12 Oct 1994 13:38:04 -0400

.about that miroVIDEO DC1 tv card..

I've tested that card (and one other card as well, but can't remember it's
name right now), and came to the conclusion that it doesn't work simply
because it doesn't support 8-bit paletized mode which Cu-seeme needs
and only knows how to deal with.. Regarding that noise, I have pretty
wild guess that it's not noise at all, but rather cu-seeme's live
presentation of miro's MJPEG data streem. It would be nice if Cu-seeme
could provide different modes of operation. In case of MJPEG, cuseeme
code could completely (?!) skip the compression code, since both
compression and the decompression would be done in hardware in capture
board. Of course, both transmitter and receiver would have to aggree
on mode of operation, or there would have to be some kind of "gateway"
in between that would serve as a bridge between MJPEG, and 8-bit paletized.
Also, since these two modes are also just two from about 10+ that I know
of, it'd be nice to see what could be done about that..