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Wed, 12 Oct 1994 15:16:33 -0400


The Internet has become a community that very accurately and vividly
reflects life among the peoples of the world. It's primary resources
are bandwidth and knowledge, neither of which are evenly or equitably

We (at Ostfold College here in Norway) have extensive experience in
running CU-SeeMe in unicast, multicast and broadcast modes on low
capacity (for AV) lines og 256 K and 64 K bandwidth. John's pruning
(CAP) addition to the reflector is probably the most welcome and useful
addition to the project since the first viable version of CU-SeeMe
itself. But even so, the 64K fixed line I have coming into the house
is not sufficient for even the lowest transmission rate unicast AV
session. The CAP code is so unstable that we had to go back to the
2.30B1 reflector version to keep our European 3-node end of the NASA
Select virtual network going yesterday. It runs (along with a general
duscussion reflector) at the end of a 256 K line which is almost
swamped each time a shuttle lands or is launched.

While Norway very definitely is not one of the countries mentioned
earlier in the discussion as having lousy infrastructure (85% or so of
the country will have ISDN coverage by the end of next year), there are
certainly more important projects than spreading Internet AV to "the
masses". We really need to bring each and every school, library,
cultural center, youth club and local government on line with full IP
capability to run knowledge disseminators like WWW servers and clients
before doing Internet-AV at all levels. I would assume that most
countries are in positions with similar ambitions.

So before some form of control structure is built in, or sufficient
bandwidth is deamed present, please limit the discussion to this list.
Individual limited patience with large thruoughputs of listserve mail,
and the limited informational value of announce lists will in itself
set a CAP on the proliferation of use until means of reasonable
traffic control are developed.

CU-SeeMe is _MUCH_TOO_GOOD_ a gift for us to "bite the hand" that gave
it to us.

- Barre

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